Frank Kern – Successful Online Marketing Consultants

Posted by - Admin / May 20th, 2010

Frank Kern is definitely one of the most successful online marketing consultants in the world. For over a decade he has been involved in the online marketing and advertising industry. During that time he has been able to make a name for himself as one of the most respected consultants there is. Kern is a legend in Internet marketing and has been for several years—an impressive feat when one considers the young age of the industry. He specializes in direct response Internet marketing consulting and copywriting. Kern himself has started a number of online marketing companies which have become wildly successful.

It is not for no reason that Frank Kern is the highest paid individual engaged in direct response Internet marketing and copywriting. He has been able to produce results for clients consistently. His extensive history in the direct response Internet marketing industry is riddled with success after success. Kern does not any longer offer his services to the general public, instead reserving his services for high net worth clients. The average sales yield for these clients after working with Kern is $5.3 million in sales—thanks to Kern’s customized Internet marketing campaigns. Amongst the authors and celebrities who have utilized his services he can count Neil Strauss, Anthony Robbins, and Jordan Belfort. They come to him because of his proven record of results.

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